Tom's story: Varicose Vein Treatment Tom's story: Varicose Vein Treatment

Male patient, 59

“My left leg had veins that were protruding with large lumps. I had swelling and sores near my ankle that would not heal, and my legs cramped frequently and itched. I tried elevating my legs and support socks, but nothing worked. My podiatrist (Dr. Kaplan) recommended I go see Dr. Brooks.

Dr. Brooks and the staff at California Vein & Wound Center were kind and very informative. Dr. Brooks diagnosed my condition and explained how the VNUS Closure combined with Sclerotherapy would help alleviate my symptoms. My recovery was fast. I returned to work within 2 days. The swelling of my leg, cramping and itchiness has stopped, and the veins no longer protrude.

Most importantly, I now go for walks with ease and no discomfort. At the end of a day’s work my left leg is not tired. I wear shorts and don’t feel self-conscious. I highly recommend this procedure as it has truly improved the quality of my life!”