Why California Vein & Wound Center? Why California Vein & Wound Center?
“We have a moral obligation to get treatment to people who need it.”
“We have a moral obligation to get treatment to people who need it.”

Why California Vein & Wound Center?

Our Mission & Values

We understand that patients are tired of going to non-specialists that do not really know how to treat the root cause of their problems. That is what makes California Vein & Wound Center stand out from everyone else. We listen to all patients and understand that every individual needs a tailored treatment plan according to their needs.

Jeanine L. (Patient Testimony)

I am back for my second round of procedures with Doctor Brooks and his staff. If I was not completely satisfied with their care the first time, I would not have returned.  They are very competent and hold my care foremost.  Doctor Brooks is kind, considerate, skilled and has great knowledge about vascular conditions and health. We are lucky to have him in our medical community.

Susan T. (Patient Testimony)

Dr. Brooks is just a wonderful doctor and person.  I felt like he really listened and cared about my concerns.  He addressed all of them and treated me with the utmost professionalism.  He was great about educating me about what he was doing and it seemed very important to him to make me happy and to have the desired end result.  I couldn’t be happier.  No doubt he’s the best at what he does.

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Vein disease is progressive and gets worse over time!

Get treatment fast at California Vein & Wound Center so you can:

Alleviate Your Symptoms

Love the Way Your Legs Look

Enjoy Doing the Things You Love

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