Julia's story: Varicose Vein Treatment Julia's story: Varicose Vein Treatment

Female patient, 68

«My legs were achy, tired and honestly looked really bad – like road maps all over my legs. As they got worse over time, my general practitioner and I knew something had to be done, and my general practitioner referred me to California Vein & Wound Center. Dr. Brooks was very patient, listened to me, answered questions and explained things very thoroughly. 

He was also very realistic on the outcomes, which I appreciated. I get queasy around needles so Dr. Brooks gave me medicine to help me relax, and his staff was very understanding and helpful in making me comfortable. I am very pleased with the results. My legs are no longer tired and achy, and I wear shorter skirts without feeling self-conscious.

I would recommend anyone who is suffering from varicose veins go see Dr. Brooks – it has greatly improved my everyday life! »