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VNUS Closure Procedure

A VNUS closure procedure, also known as VNUS radiofrequency ablation and closurefast varicose vein treatment, is a new alternative to vein stripping surgery, where a varicose vein is closed using a catheter that emits radio energy. Once the VNUS closure treatment is complete, the problematic varicose vein goes away forever.

Why should you consider VNUS closure procedure as opposed to vein stripping? VNUS closure procedure is an efficient and quick procedure with fast recovery times. Patients who undergo this treatment will be able to get back to their daily routines the very next day. Furthermore, this method leaves minimal scaring and brings no risk of nerve injury like vein stripping surgery does.

VNUS closure procedure is not reported as painful by many patients. It is done under local anesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel anything. This is very different from vein stripping where general anesthesia is used and the patient is hospitalized.

A varicose vein closure procedure begins with local anesthesia first injected into the area where the varicose vein is located. Our specialist finds the vein with the use of an ultrasound machine and inserts a catheter down the varicose vein. Once the catheter heats up, it is pulled out of the varicose vein and the vein walls collapse resulting in the complete treatment of the varicose vein. VNUS vein closure procedure is a quick and safe treatment unlike vein stripping. Under vein stripping, the surgeon must pull out the entire vein, leaving scars and even the possibility of nerve damage. That is why VNUS treatment remains the best procedure for a great cosmetic outcome.

Alternatives to VNUS: In a situation where the veins are twisted, too small, and/or near the skin surface, RFA is not recommended; non-thermal foam sclerotherapy is the best solution. Other treatments such as endovenous laser ablation work the same way a vnus closure procedure does as well as give the same results.

What happens after surgery? After your vnus closure procedure, you will have to come in for a post op visit with our ultrasound technician for an ultrasound examination. This will ensure that all veins were closed completely and that there are no blood clots. We care after our patients and make sure that they go home with fully treated varicose veins.  After your ultrasound examination, you might feel some light side effects due to the vnus procedure you had beforehand. However, these symptoms such as itchiness or burning are not big complications and usually go away in a short period of time.

What are full form varicose veins? These are large, rope-like, and bulging veins. They are usually found in the legs and are characterized by discomfort or pain. Varicose veins are caused by abnormal valves in the veins of an individual which make blood flow in a wrong direction, resulting in the straining and bulging of the veins. The effects of aging, weight gain, and pregnancy can worsen the disease of the vein. There exist other factors that can aggravate symptoms of varicose veins as time progresses, thereby necessitating vein disease treatment; among them are jobs which require sitting or standing for a long time. Overall, varicose veins can not only cause pain but also bring risk of a future blood clot.

This is why we recommend you to come for a consultation with our vein specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Brooks as soon as possible.

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