Helen's story: Varicose Vein Treatment Helen's story: Varicose Vein Treatment

Female Patient, 71

«The veins in my legs were so painful that it literally exhausted my whole body. I’m used to having a lot of energy and being active – and I had none. The first thing I tried was weight loss – I lost over 40 lbs on a monitored diet and exercise regimen. I felt better about myself, but my legs were still very sore, so my doctor advised seeing a specialist and referred me to California Vein & Wound Center.

Dr. Brooks is very cordial, compassionate and a perfectionist in his work… a winning combination in my mind. I had both my legs treated and I am now pain-free. I have all my energy back and my legs look good! I’m so thrilled to be back doing the things I love like riding my bike and taking long walks.

I am so happy with Dr. Brooks’ care that when my husband needed a vascular surgeon, I told his physician that Dr. Brooks is our first choice! »