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Medical Mission in Nicaragua

In February 2014, vascular surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Brooks of California Vein & Wound Center traveled to the small village of Jinotepe in rural Nicaragua to provide advanced diagnostics and treatment for locals who have little to no access to modern medical care. The trip was organized by Ministry of Mercy, a Bay Area-based nonprofit that has been working in the small town Of Jinotepe for over 15 years.

Dr. Brooks first got involved with Ministry of Mercy in 1998 while working at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital in Auburn, when the non-profit was just forming. He initially volunteered for General Surgery in conjunction with the local doctors and hospital. On a subsequent visit in 2002, Dr. Brooks organized the donation Of laparoscopic surgery equipment, and took it to Jinotepe to help their Géneral and ObGyn surgeons start a minimally invasive surgery program. Dr. Brooks’ commitment to the Jinotepe community led to this recent mission focused on chronic venous insufficiency.

A leading Bay Area venous disease specialist, Dr. Brooks focuses exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. Through his clinics in Napa, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville and Sacramento, Dr. Brooks experiences firsthand the debilitating effects that untreated venous insufficiency causes in Northern California patients.

On February 14, 2014, Dr. Brooks and medical assistant Rosa Hernandez embarked for Jinotepe. During their week Stay they treated 35 patients, all Of whom had significant symptoms including calf swelling, excruciating pain, aching and throbbing, dermatitis with excoriations and chronic ulcerations.

Other than by donation, the resources for such advanced treatment of severe varicose veins is simply not available to the people of Jinotepe, reports Dr. Brooks «the magnitude of their gratitude and the positive effects of treatment on patients’ every day quality of life is extremely gratifying. Its easy to forget that varicose veins and greater venous insufficiency can lead to life-threatening conditions like some of those seen in Jinotepe patients.»

California Vein & Wound Center provides highly specialized treatment for varicose veins using minimally invasive techniques. Board-certified, fellowship-trained vascular surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Brooks has over 25 years experience treating venous disease.